Dr. rer. nat. Lars Ole Schwen [oːlə ʃveːn]
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image [40] N. Zerbe, L. O. Schwen, C. Geißler, K. Wiesemann, T. Bisson, P. Boor, R. Carvalho, M. Franz, C. Jansen, T.-R. Kiehl, B. Lindequist, N. C. Pohlan, S. Schmell, K. Strohmenger, F. Zakrzewski, M. Plass, M. Takla, T. Küster, A. Homeyer, and P. Hufnagl: Joining Forces for Pathology Diagnostics with AI Assistance: The EMPAIA Initiative.
arXiv:2401.09450 [cs.CY], 2024.
[preprint (open access) | bib | abstract]
image [39] L. O. Schwen, T.-R. Kiehl, R. Carvalho, N. Zerbe, and A. Homeyer: Digitization of Pathology Labs: A Review of Lessons Learned.
Laboratory Investigation, 103:11, 100224, 2023.
[article (open access) | bib | preprint (open access) | bib | abstract]
image [38] D. Budelmann, C. Qing, H. O. Laue, M. Albadry, U. Dahmen, and L. O. Schwen: Segmentation of Lipid Droplets in Histological Images.
Medical Imaging with Deep Learning (MIDL 2023), short paper track. 2023.
[short paper (open access) | bib | dataset (open access) | bib (dataset) | abstract]
image [37] H. Ho, V. Rezania, and L. O. Schwen: Editorial: Multiscale modeling for the liver
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology, 11:1179980, 2023.
[article (open access) | bib]
image [36] M. Albadry, S. Höpfl, N. Ehteshamzad, M. König, M. Böttcher, J. Neumann, A. Lupp, O. Dirsch, N. Radde, B. Christ, M. Christ, L. O. Schwen, H. Laue, R. Klopfleisch, and U. Dahmen: Periportal steatosis in mice affects distinct parameters of pericentral drug metabolism
Scientific Reports, 12:21825, 2022.
[article (open access) | dataset | bib | abstract]
image [35] C. Jansen, B. Lindequist, K. Strohmenger, D. Romberg, T. Küster, N. Weiss, M. Franz, L. O. Schwen, T. Evans, A. Homeyer, and N. Zerbe: The vendor-agnostic EMPAIA platform for integrating AI applications into digital pathology infrastructures
Future Generation Computer Systems 140, 209–224, 2023.
[article (open access) | bib | abstract]
image [34] A. Homeyer, C. Geißler, L. O. Schwen, F. Zakrzewski, T. Evans, K. Strohmenger, M. Westphal, R. D. Bülow, M. Kargl, A. Karjauv, I. Munné‑Bertran, C. O. Retzlaff, A. Romero‑López, T. Sołtysiński, M. Plass, R. Carvalho, P. Steinbach, Y.‑C. Lan, N. Bouteldja, D. Haber, M. Rojas‑Carulla, A. V. Sadr, M. Kraft, D. Krüger, R. Fick, T. Lang, P. Boor, H. Müller, P. Hufnagl, and N. Zerbe: Recommendations on compiling test datasets for evaluating artificial intelligence solutions in pathology
Modern Pathology 35, 1759–1769, 2022.
[article (open access) | publisher correction | preprint (open access) | bib | abstract]
image [33] D. Budelmann, H. Laue, N. Weiss, U. Dahmen, L. A. D’Alessandro, I. Biermayer, U. Klingmüller, A. Ghallab, R. Hassan, B. Begher‑Tibbe, J. G. Hengstler, and L. O. Schwen: Automated Detection of Portal Fields and Central Veins in Whole-Slide Images of Liver Tissue
Journal of Pathology Informatics 13:100001, 2022.
[article (open access) | bib | dataset (open access) | bib (dataset) | abstract]
image [32] L. O. Schwen, D. Schacherer, C. Geißler, and A. Homeyer: Evaluating generic AutoML tools for computational pathology
Informatics in Medicine Unlocked 29:100853, 2022.
[article (open access) | code | preprint | bib | abstract]
image [31] A. Homeyer, J. Lotz, L. O. Schwen, N. Weiss, D. Romberg, H. Höfener, N. Zerbe, and P. Hufnagl: Artificial intelligence in pathology: From prototype to product
Journal of Pathology Informatics 12:13, 1–13, 2021.
[article (open access) | bib | abstract]
image [30] L. O. Schwen: Ten simple rules for typographically appealing scientific texts
PLOS Computational Biology 16:12, e1008458, 2020.
[article (open access) | bib | erratum]
image [29] C. Rieder, M. Schwenke, T. Pätz, J. Georgii, H. Ballhausen, L. O. Schwen, S. Haase, and T. Preusser: Evaluation of a numerical simulation for cryoablation – comparison with bench data, clinical kidney and lung cases
International Journal of Hyperthermia 37:1, 1268–1278, 2020.
[article (open access) | bib | abstract]
image [28] J. Georgii, T. Pätz, C. Rieder, H. Ballhausen, M. Schwenke, L. O. Schwen, S. Haase, and T. Preusser: Efficient GPU-Based Numerical Simulation of Cryoablation of the Kidney
In: K. Miller, A. Wittek, G. Joldes, M. P. Nash, and P. M. F. Nielsen: Computational Biomechanics for Medicine. MICCAI 2019, MICCAI 2018, 171–193, Springer 2020.
[article | bib | abstract]
image [27] L. O. Schwen, E. Andersson, K. Korski, N. Weiss, S. Haase, F. Gaire, H. K. Hahn, A. Homeyer, and O. Grimm: Data-Driven Discovery of Immune Contexture Biomarkers
Frontiers in Oncology 8:627, 1–15, 2018.
[article (open access) | bib | abstract]
image [26] L. O. Schwen and S. Rueschenbaum: Ten Quick Tips for Getting the Most Scientific Value out of Numerical Data
PLOS Computational Biology 14:10, e1006141, 2018.
[article (open access) | bib | abstract | erratum]
image [25] A. Homeyer, S. Hammad, L. O. Schwen, U. Dahmen, H. Höfener, Y. Gao, S. Dooley, and A. Schenk: Focused scores enable reliable discrimination of small differences in steatosis
Diagnostic Pathology 13:76, 1–9, 2018.
[article (open access) | bib | abstract]
image [24] L. O. Schwen, L. Kuepfer, and T. Preusser: Modeling Approaches for Hepatic Spatial Heterogeneity in Pharmacokinetic Simulations
Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models 22, 2016, 35–43, 2017.
[article | preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [23] B. Christ, U. Dahmen, K.‑H. Herrmann, M. König, J. Reichenbach, T. Ricken, J. Schleicher, L. O. Schwen, S. Vlaic, and N. Waschinsky☯α: Computational Modeling in Liver Surgery
Frontiers in Physiology, Gastrointestinal Sciences 8, 906, 2017.
[article (open access) | preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [22] A. Schenk, A. Ghallab, U. Hofmann, R. Hassan, M. Schwarz, A. Schuppert, L. O. Schwen, A. Braeuning, D. Teutonico, J. G.. Hengstler, and L. Kuepfer: Physiologically-based modelling in mice suggests an aggravated loss of clearance capacity after toxic liver damage
Scientific Reports 7: 6224, 1–13, 2017.
[article (open access) | preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [21] C. Xie, W. Wei, A. Schenk, L. O. Schwen, S. Zafarnia, M. Schwier, F. Gremse, I. Jank, O. Dirsch, and U. Dahmen: Visualization of Vascular and Parenchymal Regeneration After 70% Partial Hepatectomy in Normal Mice
Journal of Visualized Experiments, 115: e53935, 1–6, 2016.
[article | video | preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [20] C. Xie, L. O. Schwen, W. Wei, A. Schenk, S. Zafarnia, F. Gremse, and U. Dahmen: Quantification of Hepatic Vascular and Parenchymal Regeneration in Mice
PLoS ONE, 11(8): e0160581, 1–19, 2016.
[article (open access) | preprint (pdf) | supporting information | bib | abstract]
image [19] L. O. Schwen, A. Homeyer, M. Schwier, U. Dahmen, O. Dirsch, A. Schenk, L. Kuepfer, T. Preusser, and A. Schenk: Zonated Quantification of Steatosis in an Entire Mouse Liver
Computers in Biology and Medicine, 73, 108–118, 2016.
[article | preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [18] C. Sänger, A. Schenk, L. O. Schwen, L. Wang, S. Zafarnia, F. Kiessling, C. Xie, W. Wei, B. Richter, O. Dirsch, and U. Dahmen: Intrahepatic Vascular Anatomy in Rats and Mice—Variations and Surgical Implications
PLoS ONE, 10(11):e0141798, 1–13, 2015.
[article (open access) | preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [17] L. O. Schwen, T. Pätz, and T. Preusser: Some Use Cases for Composite Finite Elements in Image Based Computing.
In G. R. Joldes, B. Doyle, A. Wittek, P. M. F. Nielsen, and K. Miller: Computational Biomechanics for Medicine, 117–129, Springer, 2016. (Proceedings of MICCAI 2015 Workshop Computational Biomechanics for Medicine X)
[chapter | preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [16] L. O. Schwen, A. Schenk, C. Kreutz, J. Timmer, M. M. Bartolomé‑Rodríguez, L. Kuepfer, and T. Preusser: Representative Sinusoids For Hepatic Four-Scale Pharmacokinetics Simulations
PLoS ONE, 10(7):e0133653, 1–39, 2015.
[article (open access) | preprint (pdf) | supporting information | bib | abstract]
image [15] F. Gremse, A. Höfter, L. O. Schwen, F. Kiessling, and U. Naumann: GPU-Accelerated Sparse Matrix-Matrix Multiplication by Iterative Row Merging.
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 37(1), C54–C71, 2015.
[article | preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [14] L. O. Schwen, W. Wei, F. Gremse, J. Ehling, L. Wang, U. Dahmen, and T. Preusser: Algorithmically Generated Rodent Hepatic Vascular Trees in Arbitrary Detail.
Journal of Theoretical Biology, 365, 289–300, 2015.
[article (open access) | preprint (pdf) | supporting information | bib | abstract]
image [13] L. O. Schwen, M. Krauss, C. Niederalt, F. Gremse, F. Kiessling, A. Schenk, T. Preusser, and L. Kuepfer: Spatio-Temporal Simulation of First Pass Drug Perfusion in the Liver.
PLOS Computational Biology, 10(3), e1003499, 2014.
[article (open access) | preprint (pdf) | supporting information | bib | abstract]
image [12] L. O. Schwen and U. Wolframα: Validation of Composite Finite Elements Efficiently Simulating Elasticity of Trabecular Bone.
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 17(6), 652–660, 2014.
[article | preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [11] L. O. Schwen and T. Preusser: Analysis and Algorithmic Generation of Hepatic Vascular Systems.
International Journal of Hepatology, Article ID 357687, 1–17, 2012.
[article (open access) | preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [10] L. O. Schwen, T. Pätz, and T. Preusser: Composite Finite Element Simulation of Radio Frequency Ablation and Bone Elasticity.
Proceedings of 6th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (ECCOMAS 2012), ISBN 978-3-9502481-9-7.
[preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [9] T. Preusser, M. Rumpf, S. Sauter, and L. O. Schwenα: 3D composite finite elements for elliptic boundary value problems with discontinuous coefficients.
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 33(5), 2115–2143, 2011.
[article | preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [8] M. Rumpf, L. O. Schwen, H.‑J. Wilke, and U. Wolframα: Numerical homogenization of trabecular bone specimens using composite finite elements.
In The International Journal of Multiphysics, Special Edition: Multiphysics Simulations – Advanced Methods for Industrial Engineering. Selected Contributions from 1st Fraunhofer Multiphysics Conference, 127–143. Fraunhofer, Multi-Science Publishing, 2010, ISBN 978-1-907132-36-0.
[preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [7] L. O. Schwen: Composite Finite Elements for Trabecular Bone Microstructures.
Dissertation, University of Bonn, 2010. HARLAND media, ISBN 978-3-938363-78-2.
[dissertation (open access) | book | pdf | bib | abstract]
image [6] U. Wolfram, L. O. Schwen, U. Simon, M. Rumpf, and H.‑J. Wilke: Statistical osteoporosis models using composite finite elements: A parameter study.
Journal of Biomechanics, 42(13), 2205–2209, September 2009.
[article | preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [5] F. Liehr, T. Preusser, M. Rumpf, S. Sauter, and L. O. Schwenα: Composite finite elements for 3D image based computing.
Computing and Visualization in Science, 12(4), 171–188, April 2009.
[article | preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [4] L. O. Schwen, T. Preusser, and M. Rumpf: Composite finite elements for 3D elasticity with discontinuous coefficients.
In Proceedings of the 16th Workshop on the Finite Element Method in Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics and Related Fields. University of Ulm, 2009.
[preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [3] L. O. Schwen, U. Wolfram, H.‑J. Wilke, and M. Rumpf. Determining effective elasticity parameters of microstructured materials.
In Proceedings of the 15th Workshop on the Finite Element Method in Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics and Related Fields, 41–62. University of Ulm, July 2008.
[preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [2] T. Preusser, M. Rumpf, and L. O. Schwenα: Finite element simulation of bone microstructures.
In Proceedings of the 14th Workshop on the Finite Element Method in Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics and Related Fields, 52–66. University of Ulm, July 2007, ISBN 978-3-9806183-9-7.
[preprint (pdf) | bib | abstract]
image [1] L. O. Schwen: Numerical simulation of transport and diffusion in drainage media.
Diplom thesis, Duisburg–Essen University, 2005.
[thesis (pdf) (open access) | bib | abstract]
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