HowTo install the OFFIS DICOM toolkit dcmtk352 in an IRIX environment

This text describes how I compiled dcmtk-350rc1 on a SGI Onyx2 running IRIX 6.5.6m using the default MIPSpro Compilers (Version and gcc/g++ 2.95.2.

Once upon a time, this has heen a cumbersome and bold venture! But with version 3.5.2 it has become easy: no special quirks at all in configuring and compiling the software. All the stuff mentioned in former versions of this page is obsolete now, a relaxed rootconf - configure - make does the job.

In detail:

Where to find the software...
... should be no miracle to you, if you found this page.

The all mysterious rootconf:

Configure: Make: That's it! Sebastian's notes on the OFFIS DICOM-Software
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Sebastian Meyer