Personal notes on the OFFIS DICOM-Software

Working with the OFFIS DICOM-Software I decided to put my notes down in a public readable way. Perhaps these pages are useful for somebody.


dcmtk-352, -351, -350 dcmtk-342 dcmtk-341 dcmtk-340


The FAQ says: All of the available DCMTK documentation is distributed in the DCMTK package. There is documentation about how to configure and run the programs. What is missing is documentation about how to use the libraries. Currently, the only way to learn how to use the libraries is to look at the example programs and do things the same way. Hopefully, some documentation will be written in the future and financial contributions would certainly reduce the waiting considerably.

This is certainly a weakness of DCMTK.... Here I collected all the information from the utility's text- and help-files in a single place to provide an overview. (smy20030312: updated to dcmtk-3.5.2)

Last modified: 12.03.2003 aka Mar 12 2003
Sebastian Meyer